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"I asked Sarah to do a robin drawing for            me after seeing some of her other                nature art.She was careful to do exactly        what I wanted and then did a wonderful job...quickly, too. I am very happy she is using the gifts God has given her." 

                                                               -Allyn T.

Sarah did a brilliant job of capturing my pup's charming personality! She is a very talented young artist! I will be hiring her for more work!

                                                               -Lisa L.

It was an amazing experience to open a package in the mail that contained a pastel drawing of one of my most favorite photos! Sarah has a talent beyond her years, and she captured the autumn feel perfectly in her painting of two of my honeybees exploring a sprig of goldenrod! I have it hanging in my living room, and it brings joy to me each time I pass by it, not only because of the drawing itself, but because I know the artist is a beautiful young woman of the Lord!

                                                                -Maggie L

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